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My Classes are in English:


Stamy Studio & Online

18:30 - 19:45 CET

Veda Yoga – a strong 75 min Hatha Vinyasa class, accompanied by a short talk on yoga, philosophy or Ayurveda. 

Cost: 30 CHF  / online 15 CHF



08:30-09:00 CET

Abs Mini Flow – a 30 min vinyasa flow, focused on abs and core strengthening. 

Cost: Pay-what-you-want

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"True heroism is to conquer your own nature"

Aghori Vimalananda

I am a strong believer that yoga is not only asanas; normally I start my classes with a short satsang (talk) on yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, or any other information which could help the student move deeper inside themselves.

For the flow itself, my classes are rather dynamic, using a lot of circular rotations of shoulders and legs, connecting to the core, focusing on the breath and playing with the movement.

I try to make every class different, so you can expect something new every time, and also exact cues and quite many assists (and maybe a little massage in Savasana).

People who inspired me most on my yoga path: my teacher Amelie Stecker and others who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet personally yet: Robert Svoboda, Simon Borg, Krishna Das, Vasant Lad, Dylan Werner.

What I’ve studied: RYT 500, 60 h Yoga philosophy, 60 h Yoga Therapy, 40 h Ayurveda course and learning more and more every day. 

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Tuesday class

19:00 - 20:00